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Spring-clean the 'what if's', Open new doors.

It always seems impossible until it's done.
... Nelson Mandela.

This retreat is designed to gently excavate and then transform the main obstacle which is stopping you from being your most creative self. The retreat can be the first step to creating the life you would really love to have. During your week you will discover, explore, and create new strategies to make significant changes in your life, but you won't be giving up your day job right away! You will leave with an array of new tools in your emotional and spiritual tool box and a clear idea of what your real mission in life is, at this moment in time.

The obstacle holding you back may be hiding in the mind or the body. It may be near the surface or it may be buried deep down. We'll find it by using a technique called Storyboarding. When found, we transform the block with a variety of playful creative tools.

No two retreat guests use the same methods for this process of transformation. One person may 'play'/explore with clay, finger paint, another journal, another may make an installation by the stream or on the mountainside. What has kept us blocked is often self sabotage (eating or other anxiety based time consuming habits) or fears of taking risks. Frequently it's grief that holds us stuck.

The inner voice that yells "I should" and "I ought" also can cause havoc. The voice that whispers "trust yourself, dream big, listen to your heart", is what brings new energy, when set free. This retreat uses a delightfully playful way into changing limiting beliefs and releasing creative energy. It's a magical process.

Every person's retreat is unique. I am genuinely interested in supporting you following your experience in Alcazár, and offer all participants a six month on- line commitment to listen, support, encourage and care about your new ventures.

What happens during the week is not art therapy, but it's profoundly therapeutic. It's broadly speaking 'soul work' and it's about finding a path to reconnect body and mind with the soul. It's also about re claiming your personal power which involves amongst other things, finding your lost voice, or embracing and transforming a loss of heart. The process includes "art play/discovery" with a variety of exciting materials, journaling, making new affirmations, rituals and ceremonies to celebrate your new insights, and a strengthening of your connection to your higher self, your spirit.

There will be times in Nature. Times in the studio. Picnics and ceremonies beside a river. Music. Silence. Healthy vegetarian food. Time for sunbathing. Laughter. Maybe a trip to the local market. Stargazing. This is a healing art journey to discover the bigger picture of your life, your life's purpose, and a means to unlock an abundance of new energy.

During your week if you wish, there will be an opportunity to meet local artists, writers, and musicians. Your retreat will end with an optional, beautiful, Peruvian shamanic ceremony called a Despacho, an ancient Andean ceremony also known as 'The Gathering of Prayers'.

The retreat will be particularly helpful for people who long to make significant life changes, and for people who feel drawn to make a difference in the world by using their creative gifts. One field trip and an evening walk are included.


When applying for this retreat, please include with your application a couple of paragraphs (max 200 words) about your situation and what you'd like to do and achieve whilst you're here.